A mixed bag at the Island


With an 18 point lead in the R3 cup championship heading into the penultimate round at the amazing Phillip Island Circuit I knew I had my work cut out for me. With the little 300’s slip streaming is everything and unfortunately for me, race strategy is not something I focus on, honestly, I just try and lead it from lap 1 and have a red hot go.
I wasn’t just riding the R3 for the weekend though, with the help of Andy Offer from AARK racing I was also given the opportunity to ride in the SuperSport class.

Fridays weather was reasonable, the morning sessions were wet but by lunch time it had dried out and the track started to get some warmth into it. Getting my lap times on the R3 down to 1:52.6 by the end of the day. Giving us a chance to focus on the finer set up solutions on the MUPO Suspension, allowing us to get the most out of our Pirelli tyres.
The AARK racing SuperSport bike was a completely different story, I spent the whole day getting my head around the massive performance difference. With power that eclipsed my 2015 R6 and an amazing suspension package it was totally new experience.


Saturday, the weather was ideal! First out was SuperSport qualifying 1, I finished up in 5th which I was happy about after 10 months off a powerful bike. Getting closer to my PB lap time on from 2 years back every lap I rode.

SuperSport qualifying I secured the 2nd row start on the AARK racing SuperSport bike with a 39.9, getting more and more comfortable with the way the bike handled!

R3 cup Q1 – Pole position and a new lap record! Thankfully all the traffic in the qualifying session actually helped me out, massive slipstreams through all the corners made this lap much faster! Q2 R3 cup Pole by 1.7 seconds! The Mupo Suspension worked so well, Pirelli rubber was amazing and with the tech support from JDS Moto I was able to stick it on top!

First race start back on the SuperSport and it was an absolute shocker! Slipped back from 5th to 20th by turn 1. I really made it hard for myself, but I kept chipping away throughout the race, setting a new PB on lap 10 of the race and finishing in 4th position, which I was super stoked about!


A much better start for SuperSport race 2 meant I didn’t need to work so hard to get back up the front! Unfortunately I hit Neutral into Honda and then went into first and high sided on the entry into the corner and made my weekend harder than it needed to be, suspected crack in my ulna and a super swollen forearm! This ruled me out of SuperSport for the weekend unfortunately and we set our sights on damage reduction in the R3 cup.

R3 Cup
Indeed I had a red hot crack, questionable as if it was to much.. I think maybe I’m the first person to High side a 300!! This was a turning point in the championship, but I haven’t given up! Race 2 was tough, we adjusted and glued the bars into a different position so I could hold onto the bike with the least amount of pain possible, after a few laps the adrenaline kicked in and I was able to punch out a 51.6, another Lap record! A close 2nd was the best I could do for this race unfortunately.
Race 3 was just as tough, but unfortunately 3rd was the finishing position.

19 points behind now, I’m still determined to get this championship in the bag, its just harder than I wanted it to be!

A massive thanks to Andy Offer for giving me the amazing opportunity to ride the AARK racing SuperSport bike, which has opened up some massive doors for me.


Thankyou to all my sponsors for all their amazing support throughout the season,
and ofcourse Mum and Dad!
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