The Story So Far

Callum Alderson 58At age 5 I got my very first Motorbike! Christmas morning I woke up eyes half closed stumbling up the steps to find right infront of me a brand new Suzuki JR50! I couldnt wipe the smile off my face I was so amazed after asking dad over and over again I got a Motorbike! and this is where it all began… Through out the years I moved onto different bikes learning to ride different styles at different speeds. Racing to me is a lot different than going down to the footy club early saturday morning, it’s not a hobby, it’s a passion for me, it’s my life I live for racing.

A taste for racing at age 8

My first race meet was on a “Dreambike” 39cc pocket bike. I was pretty confident going into the race but also a bit nervous but as soon as I got going it didnt matter, I ended up 2nd in my first race and I couldn’t be happier.

The years to come after this first race were awesome. I started to pick up sponsors making it easier to race on the weekends. We were lucky enough to be introduced to former GP rider Victor Soussan by one of Dads friends Karl Thole in 2006. Victor has been a great mentor for me, and has opened a lot of doors and introduced me to a lot of people in the racing scene. Around that time I started to drop my lap times more and more and began getting more confident and competitive on the bike. By the end of 08′ people started to notice me a bit more and I got a completely sponsored ride in MiniMoto stepping up to the 50cc Elite class Stamas machine and also picking up big sponsors like Monza Imports, AGV and Dainese.

Going for the bigger bikes

After another year of Mini Moto i decided to have a break and step up to a bigger bike on a different surface! I got my first “big boy” bike a KLX140 that I would ride weekly at the local dirt bike club and pick up some new skills. After a few months of that, I realised that while it was fun, my passion was for the tarmac,and the dirt was never going to be enough for me.  I saw photos on facebook of the Metrakit Road Race series and I asked dad if we could go look at some bikes to go road racing again!
Callum Alderson 58After a month of looking around we found 2 sets of metrakit xl80’s and bought them! I then had to wait a couple of months till I went to Mac Park in Mount Gambier for my very first ride of the bikes. I had so much fun even after crashing and completely wrecking one bike!

2012 was a learning year for both dad and I so we didnt do too many races due to bike problems, so I did 2 rounds of the Pirelli road race series, and all of the junior development days we could!

Time to get serious

2013 has been a big year for me. Knowing that I had a competetive enough bike for me to do well on, we arrived at the Hartwell round 1 Road race series and i took out p1 for the weekend also having my first race win on the Metrakit.

A few weeks later dad and I headed to Winton race way for Pirelli Road Race series Round 1 with Jacob Street’s RMUGP8. Having to learn a new track was something but also having to learn a new bike was even harder. After one days practice we came back in the morning ready to race, after a lot of hard fought battles with some tough competition I came in to the pits to find out I had broken the junior 80cc lap record by 3 seconds, opening doors for me and new sponsors keen to jump aboard!

After securing a podium place at the MRRDA second round at Winton raceway in May 2013. Dad and I decided it was time to graduate from the Metrakit XL80 and step up to a much faster Yamaha TZ125.

Callum Alderson 58The real deal

We arrived for my first outing on the TZ on Friday morning at Phillip Island in very wet and cold conditions for the Victorian Road race series. Having had the Friday practice to learn the bike and track I was very keen to get racing on it!

After an amazing first qualifying on the TZ 125 putting my self 1st for the 125 class and 4th for the superlites I knew this was going to be the start of something big! That weekend I also won my first race on my TZ 125 ahead of all the Moto3 bikes on the field getting and achieving 2nd outright for the weekend in the Superlites!

In the future I want to race with the big boys in the MotoGP. There are a lot of different pathways into it, but I really want to try out for the Red Bull Rookies Cup in Spain this year and try to start my MotoGP career from there!

Achieved my ultimate goal Red Bull MotoGP Rookies!

spainI made selection in 2013 for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies at Monteblanco in Spain. An awesome experience that I’m going to remember for the rest of my life. Made even better by having some great mates there with me sharing the experience.

600 Supersport

1619613_10152312862029532_506705681_n2014 Marks the start of a major new stage. I turned 16 in January and I’m eligible to race as a full senior. So I’ve upgraded from the 125 to the 600cc Supersport category on a Yamaha YZFR6. It’s an awesome bike and I’m in love with the performance and handling.

Lots to learn on the new bike. I’ll focusing on ASBK, Pirelli, Interclubs and Victorian Road Racing Series.


D.O.B: 11/01/1998

HOME TOWN: Emerald Victoria

SCHOOL: Emerald Secondary College


BIKES RIDEN: Suzuki JR50, 39cc Polini Replica, DM 40cc Malossi Elite, Stamas 4.2 Minimoto, Stamas 50cc Elite Minimoto, Kawasaki KLX140, Metrakit XL80, RMUGP8 85cc,Yamaha TZ125, Yamaha YZFR6

HOBBIES: Gym, Road cycling, Electronics, Graphics and drawing



SPORTING HEROS: Valentino Rossi, Marco Simocelli, Dani Pederosa, Arthur Sissis and Jack miller

AMBITIONS: To race as a professional in WSBK and MotoGP

SPONSORS: Race Center, YRD, Yamaha, Signpro, NZI Helmets, Cassons, Dainese, Big Knobs Crash Sliders, SpeedAngle Australia, Mototrack Accessories, Screens for bikes, MOTOV8, and Mum and Dad